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Spanish Golden Visa


The Golden Visa for Spain is a residence visa issued to Non-European Union citizens who intend to make a significant investment in Spain. The aim is to stimulate the economy by encouraging foreigners to bring money into the country in exchange of the right to live and work in Spain. It permits free movement in the Schengen Area.


We are a team of lawyers of a Spanish based law firm. We are authorised experts in applying for Golden Visa for our foreign clients with more than 8 years of exclusive experience in this field. We apply for the Golden Visa for you and your family quickly and easily, without you having to worry about anything.

For whom?

All foreigners who want to enter or reside in Spain through an investment. You can apply if you meet some general requirements and if you are an investor, an entrepreneur, a highly qualified professional or a researcher. Also, you can bring your family with you by applying for this visa as the main investor.


In order to qualify for the Golden Visa you must invest in one of the following options: buy real estate in Spain for at least € 500,000; invest € 2,000,000 in Spanish Government Bonds; € 1,000,000 in shares of Spanish companies; € 1,000,000 in Spanish bank deposits; or develop a business project of general interest.


Obtaining a Golden Visa is relatively quick and easy if you rely on an expert lawyer with many years of experience dealing with Golden Visa issues and procedures. Every case is different and the process depends on your circumstances, but the whole process can take anywhere from weeks to a few months.

When and Where to start?

By the time you are ready to invest in Spain or have just invested you can start your Golden Visa process with us. It is not mandatory for the applicant to be in Spain, so you can do it from your country through an accredited representative such as an expert lawyer.

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