Invest in Spain

If you want to obtain residency in Spain, the best way is by making an investment. Our lawyers advise you from the search for the investment to obtaining your residence through the Golden Visa.

Spain is a TOP destination for property investment.

How can we help you in your investment in Spain?

Most frequent questions and answers

We know that investing in Spain can be challenging but profitable, so we are here to give you full support as your legal trusted partner with specialists on the matter.


We know the good areas of the country because we are local experts. We select the best opportunities for you.

  • We verify the complete legal situation of the property obtaining the simple note in front of the Office of the Territory of the Property.
  • Verification of dwelling certificate, energy certificate, payment of Community taxes and costs.
  • Preparation of the report with a summary of all the contingencies.
  • Contact with the selling party for negotiation of conditions.
  • Drafting and preparation of legal documentation (arras agreement and deed of ownership).
  • Consulting on operating expenses – and handling tax payments after completion.
  • Assistance in the appointment of a notary public.

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