Golden Visa Renewal

The Golden Visa permit can be renewed indefinitely, without any stay requirements, as long as you maintain your investment. 

How to renew your Golden Visa permit:

Questions and Answers

The Golden Visa permit you will receive will be valid for one year. During this year, you have to enter Spain and exchange your visa for a Spain residence permit, which will be valid for two years.

The Golden Visa can be renewed indefinitely as long as the main investment is maintained. The good thing is that there aren’t any stay requirements.

Yes. The Golden Visa or the Spain’s Investor Visa, which is the same, are a The residence permits granted by the Golden Visa, and which can be renewed, facilitate the achievement of the objective of permanent residence or nationality. But for this it will be necessary for the interested parties to reside full time in Spain.pathway to citizenship.

It is possible to apply for permanent residence in Spain after having lived five years legally in the country. Also, it is possible to obtain Spanish nationality after lived more than 10 years in a row in Spain.

The aim of the Government is to stimulate the economy and in return for certain investments they offer a visa to stay in Spain. But that is not a case of simply putting money into the country, getting the visa and then taking your money back out again. Therefore, the minimum investment has to stay invested in order to maintain the visa.

Foreign investors who wish to reside in Spain for more than two years may renew their residence permit for investors if:

  • If they have a valid residence visa for investors, or up to 90 days expired.
  • They have traveled to Spain at least once during their residence permit.
  • They have maintained or expanded the required investment.

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